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Media Network Providers

Who can be a Media Network provider?

A provider can be any company or individual who offers their bandwidth and infrastructure for sale on Media Network. Providers can monetize their resources, such as unused servers or high-performance personal computers, by providing content delivery services to clients who need to distribute their web content efficiently and effectively.

Features for providers

  • Hardware as a Service: Media Network helps transform your server farm into a profitable web service provider with blockchain technology. Leave billing and management to the protocol, allowing you to focus on delivering top-notch web services to customers.

  • Expanding Client Base: As a provider, access a global network of potential clients seeking reliable web services. The decentralized platform eliminates barriers to entry, promoting fairness and equality among all participants.

  • Billing Management: Media Network's secure and transparent transaction system ensures timely and accurate service payments with the efficiency of smart contracts. Providers receive payment for services, and clients are billed accurately.

  • Simplified Operations: Media Edge software eliminates complexities for providers, allowing them to connect infrastructure to the marketplace and earn MEDIA tokens. It provides real-time analytics, monitoring, and reporting features for greater visibility and control over the network.