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Media Network Documentation

Welcome to the Media Network documentation. Here, you will find all the information you need to get started. Learn about the main concepts, explore technical details, and follow guides on how to use the platform.

What is Media Network?

Media Network is a cutting-edge Marketplace for Web Services, offering an alternative to traditional cloud giants like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. It enables users to buy and sell web services to each other in a peer-to-peer fashion.

The core of the platform is built using the Media Protocol, a blockchain-based protocol that enables the creation of decentralized marketplaces, powered by the Media Token. Media Network is the first implementation of the Media Protocol.

Media Network, like the Media Protocol, is designed to operate on all major permissionless blockchains, allowing users to choose the blockchain that best suits their needs for buying and selling web services.

Which Web Services are available on Media Network?

The initial focus of Media Network is on Content Delivery, marking the inaugural phase of its development. This choice leverages the team's extensive expertise in CDN technology, as demonstrated by the intricate and comprehensive design of the Media Edge, our all-in-one solution for providers.

However, Media Network's vision extends well beyond CDN services. As the Media Protocol was designed with the versatility to facilitate the buying and selling of any kind of goods and services, we're actively developing backend connectors to broaden our marketplace. Soon, you can expect to see additions like Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Media PeerPool (P2P CDN), Dedicated Servers, Databases, and Cloud Computing. These expansions will further harness the power of decentralization, reflecting our commitment to bringing a variety of web services under the Media Network umbrella.

How does Media Network compare to traditional Cloud companies?

  • Media Network presents a decentralized alternative to centralized services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud, and Google Cloud. Our aim is to disrupt the dominance of big tech companies in the web services market by introducing a peer-to-peer option. This approach fosters censorship resistance, diversity, innovation, and enhanced service quality.

  • Media Network promotes competition in its decentralized marketplace by enabling any entity, from individuals to major tech companies, to register as providers and showcase their services. This diversity ensures a broad range of offerings, leading to competitive pricing and greater benefits for end-users.

  • Media Network operates on public blockchains, avoiding the concentration of power and reducing the risk of outages, unlike centralized services controlled by single entities.

  • Utilizing blockchain technology through Media Protocol Smart Contracts, Media Network ensures a secure and transparent environment for both providers and clients. Automated transactions powered by the Media Token enhance efficiency and reduce the potential for fraud.


Media Network is provided on an "as-is" basis, and the Media Foundation and its team are not liable for any issues related to its functionality or security. There are no representations or warranties accompanying Media Network, and we reserve the right to moderate content within the front-ends as necessary to adhere to prevailing regulations.