Owncast <> Media Network

Add your Owncast instance to Media Network

To scale your Owncast server and make it available to huge audiences through a community-powered CDN, you can register it as a resource on Media Network using the Media App front-end.

We're assuming you've already have your SPL wallet loaded with some SOL to pay for transactions fees, and at least the equivalent of 25 MEDIA (LP Tokens from Raydium's MEDIA-USDC pool count towards this) in order to use the CDN service.

Add your CDN resource

Access the Media App and connect your SPL wallet.


Get your CDN resource information following these steps

Specify IP, port and approve the transaction

If everything went smoothly and the transaction was approved and confirmed, you'll see your resource ID and which origin it points to.

Congrats! Your Owncast instance is now powered and scaled by Media Network. End-users accessing the new link will load the resources from Media Edges around the world instead of your original server, offloading bandwidth!

You can now access your stream through your own streaming platform and delivered by Media Network: