Once you've finished installing and configuring your Media Server instance, you're ready to publish your first live stream. Open a web browser and go to your server IP address or your Media Network subdomain. You will see Media Server home page if everything is setup correctly.

Home Page


In case you're just trying to publish a stream without setting up your own Media Server, you can go to our hosted Media Server and then follow this guide.

Creating a new channel

Click on "Start your stream" to get the details for your channel. You will get the RTMP server and the stream key / password combination required to broadcast your channel.

Home Page

Publishing a Live Stream


If you are using your own Media Server instance, make sure you use "rtmp://YOUR.IP.ADDRESS/live/" instead of "rtmp://".


Make sure to use the stream key that you've received at the time you've created the stream and not the one in this example.

Using OBS

- Settings -> Stream
- Service: Custom...
- Server: rtmp://
- Stream key: CEHShokZ?pwd=39c197

OBS Settings

Using FFmpeg

If you have a video source that's already encoded used H.264 video and AAC audio, you can publish using the following command:

ffmpeg -re -i https://server/file.m3u8 \
-c copy -bsf:a aac_adtstoasc \
-f flv rtmp://