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Ratings & Reviews

Rating and Review System

The rating and review system allows clients and providers to rate and review each other's services. The system is designed to build trust and foster a positive community by providing transparency and accountability.

1Clients and providers rate each other on a scale of 1-5 stars based on their experience with the service provided.
2Clients and providers leave a written review detailing their experience.
3The ratings and reviews are recorded on the blockchain, providing transparency and tamper-proofing the system.
4The ratings and reviews are displayed on the provider or client's profile for other members of the community to see.
5The ratings and reviews are used by the DAO to help make decisions on disputes, providing additional context and evidence.

The rating and review system is designed to give the community a voice and to create a positive and mutually beneficial environment for clients and providers. The system is tamper-proof and transparent, which ensures that the community members have access to accurate and unbiased information.

In conclusion, this new system allows the DAO to increase the level of trust and security in the protocol, and to make more informed decisions, helping to resolve disputes and foster a positive community. We hope that this new feature will be beneficial for all the participants of the protocol, and that it will contribute to it's growth and success.