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In this guide, we will cover all the necessary steps to build a Uniswap front-end instance, upload it to IPFS, and pin it, and then serve it through the Media Network marketplace.

Installing System Tools

apt update; \
apt install -y git nano cat yarn

IPFS Setup

IPFS is needed to store the Uniswap Interface files. Please check out our IPFS Integration to learn how to install a node to upload and pin files to the IPFS protocol. This guide assumes you have the ipfs cli installed in your computer/server.

Clone Uniswap Interface

git clone && cd uniswap-interface && rm src/constants/tokenLists/unsupported.tokenlist.json

Remove tokens from the unsupported list (optional)

Even if this list won't take any effect outside of the domain we recommend editing it anyway.

cat <<EOT >> src/constants/tokenLists/unsupported.tokenlist.json
"name": "Unsupported Tokens",
"timestamp": "2021-01-05T20:47:02.923Z",
"version": {
"major": 1,
"minor": 0,
"patch": 0
"tags": {},
"logoURI": "ipfs://QmNa8mQkrNKp1WEEeGjFezDmDeodkWRevGFN8JCV7b4Xir",
"keywords": ["uniswap", "unsupported"],
"tokens": []

Install & Build

yarn install && yarn build

Upload & Pin to IPFS

ipfs add -r build/
added QmdnoJ44sVG4pqxZyFq7CjAg8ivR3J25VpduAv4DNtXiFx build/451.html
added QmTjv65tD858mW8k36d175MmTpienFqP6k6KG8AAFnTcF7 build/asset-manifest.json
added QmfYxrAg1mHYwj2KBk963UFzc1f3oWxrxKVreRYg11z1RR build/favicon.png
added QmT5w7DU5FaY74fbrnecbqKRSHqje4D56WBtb9FtRTVjEt build/images/192x192_App_Icon.png
added QmctbEsGDHsC2LyNqP7722yyFaSE5btPRKFpHFyP79cn7o build/images/256x256_App_Icon_Pink.svg
added QmPh4bVcT3cM3KXD8vNFbNK5qioNpbDYbA92wSPXtd9S3Y build/images/512x512_App_Icon.png
added QmXnbWjvaiyBMBc6GqD6BC1yy96zgj6vPTBxCq785UtVsb build/index.html
added QmTr88FsjJi3kn9zdTAiK9BcjPuqsEfR4NAYRDPYwkoP3h build/static/css
added QmTgTtA9CnpMy8jRXuNu7oixeevPDwEtSPwoe7znaDstMu build/static/js
added QmZueRQ1onE6kEyLtdeze8KGH1DV8nGJiEhEfwp3EVrirq build/static/media
added QmYK2hyYy9uRm9xd1G7onQetF9Tq7UgGqKavgGhqFS4vZs build/static
added QmZ3qrQqgzAxJUpYv8hURRVJf8DYtkiNrdFXFmFU88HDBy build
30.48 MiB / 30.48 MiB [======================================================] 100.00%

Your Uniswap interface is now stored on IPFS. In this example, QmZ3qrQqgzAxJUpYv8hURRVJf8DYtkiNrdFXFmFU88HDBy is the main hash for the homepage.

Accessing the Interface

Use your own IPFS gateway

Add your IPFS node to Media Network's CDN using this guide. You'll be able access the Uniswap interface you've just built, through your own IPFS Gateway, without relaying on third-parties.