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dCDN Setup

To scale up your Storj DCS you can register it as a new CDN resource. Using the Media App developers can quickly set up Storj DCS as dCDN origin to deliver faster and more powerful sites and applications.


  • Make sure your Storj DCS Gateway instance is up and running.
  • Make sure you have a compatible wallet with enough MEDIA to use the CDN service. MEDIA is currently available to buy in the following markets.

Add a new CDN Resource

Add your gateway information. Make sure you select the correct port and protocol.


By default, the Storj DCS gateway runs on HTTP and port 777. Make sure you're adding the public interface IP and that the ports are correctly forwarded inside your network.

After the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain, a new random subdomain will be assigned to you. This is your new secure endpoint URL cached by Media, pulling the data from your gateway.


Congrats! Your Storj Gateway is now powered and scaled by Media Network's dCDN. End-users accessing the new link will load the resources from the closest Media Edge node based on IP geo-location.