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Introducing Media Server: Your Ultimate Open-Source Solution for Live Streaming

Are you looking for an efficient software for live streaming? Look no further than Media Server! This powerful open-source package allows anyone to easily transcode, broadcast, and serve live video streams with support for RTMP input and HLS output formats. Media Server also comes equipped with Media PeerPool, offering seamless integration by default. Whether you're setting up your streaming platform on a VPS, dedicated server, or cloud instance, Media Server can be up and running in just a few minutes.

Enhancing Streaming Capabilities with Media Network's CDN Marketplace

Media Server running stand-alone may not be sufficient if you're looking to scale your streaming operations beyond the capabilities of a single server or small cloud instance. Fortunately, you can leverage the power of a CDN and scalable streaming by connecting your Media Server instance to Media Network's CDN Marketplace. With this integration, you can quickly meet the demands of large-scale operations and ensure a seamless streaming experience for your audience.

Stream and Test Media Network Hassle-Free with Media Server Express.

If you're interested in streaming or testing Media Network but unable to install a Media Server instance, you may want to explore Media Server Express. This solution is a hosted version of Media Server that is powered by Media Network's default provider, which allows for a seamless and convenient experience. With Media Server Express, you can easily access the powerful capabilities of Media Server without the hassle of installation.