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Introducing Media Server: the open-source solution for live streaming

Media Server is a powerful, open-source software that allows users to transcode, broadcast, and serve live video and audio streams. It supports RTMP as an input format and HLS as an output format, and comes with Media PeerPool integrated by default, enabling peer-to-peer capabilities right out of the box. With Media Server, anyone can easily set up their own streaming platform on a VPS or dedicated server in minutes.

Scalable streaming for millions of users

While Media Server is great for small-scale streaming, it may not be enough to handle the demands of a large-scale operation. To serve video to millions of users, you'll need a more robust solution. That's where Media Network comes in. By connecting your Media Server instance to Media Network's CDN through a front-end like the Media App, Media Edges can pull content from your origin server and make it available to your end-users. Using Media Network as your CDN allows you to handle millions of viewers without stressing your infrastructure and without exposing your original server IP address, eliminating the risk of a direct DDoS attack.

Stream without installing: Media Server Express

If you're interested in streaming or testing the network but don't have the ability to install a Media Server instance, consider trying Media Server Express. It's a hosted version of Media Server powered by Media Network, providing a convenient, hassle-free way to experience the power of Media Server.