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MEDIA is the cornerstone and vital artery of the network’s economy. Without it, the protocol would be unable to offer trust, security, and transparency in the transactions between providers and clients. The MEDIA token serves two critical functions: first, as a payment mechanism for web services rendered, and second, as a means of governance for the protocol. Payments made using MEDIA tokens provide a smooth, secure, and transparent transaction process. In addition, MEDIA token holders are empowered to participate in the governance of the marketplace, giving them a voice in determining its future direction. This dual role of the MEDIA token provides trust and security within the marketplace. It allows providers to concentrate on delivering high-quality web services to their clients, making it a highly valuable asset to providers and clients alike.

Exploring the Functions of MEDIA Token


The MEDIA token serves as the primary currency within the protocol. Providers must stake MEDIA tokens in the Media Network marketplace to start a deal with a client. This staking serves as a security measure for the client, as the provider's stake incentivizes them to act in good faith. If the provider fails to do so, they risk losing their stake in a dispute. When a deal is completed, the provider earns MEDIA tokens based on the time elapsed since the deal was accepted and the price per second agreed upon in the deal. Clients, on the other hand, must block a set amount of MEDIA tokens upfront in order to accept the offer and establish a resource. After the deal, the client's staked tokens are directly transferred to the provider, providing a fair and efficient mechanism for transactions within the Media Network ecosystem.


The community utilizes the MEDIA token to govern the Media Network protocol through a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The DAO is a self-governing entity controlled by the Media Network community, which uses MEDIA tokens to vote on disputes and can determine the protocol’s direction and development. The MEDIA token is the key to community-driven improvement and justice within the Media Network protocol. Through the MEDIA token, community members can propose, vote on, and ultimately enforce changes to the protocol's smart contract, allowing it to evolve. Additionally, the MEDIA token enables community members to vote on disputes between providers and clients, resolving any disagreements related to services provided. The MEDIA token is instrumental in maintaining constant improvement and fairness within the protocol.