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The Media App is a critical component of the Media Network protocol, providing a user-friendly front-end for users to interact with the Media Smart Contracts. The Media App is designed to be easy to use, with a clear and intuitive interface that allows users to quickly access and navigate the marketplace.

Features and Benefits

  • Browse and search for CDN providers 🔍
  • View and take the offers created by providers 📜
  • Transactions using MEDIA tokens 💳
  • Track earnings and expenses 💰

Open and Decentralized Ecosystem

The Media App serves as a portal to the Media Network protocol, operating on open standards to cultivate a decentralized landscape where any party may create a front-end to interface with the Media smart contracts. This encourages the growth of a community-driven development, fostering innovation and diversity within the protocol.

Community-Driven Innovation

The option for different front-ends to interact with the smart contracts fosters a community of providers, clients, and developers focused on the protocol's success. This leads to competition and diversity, resulting in better products and services for end-users and a thriving ecosystem around the protocol.

In short, the Media App offers a user-friendly interface to the Media Network protocol, but the protocol operates in a decentralized, open ecosystem where any party can create a front-end and contribute to its success.


The Media App is a user-friendly interface for the Media Network protocol's decentralized marketplace for web services. The Media Foundation and its team are not responsible for any issues with third-party front-ends or their functionality/security. The Media App is provided as-is without representations or warranties, so any reliance on its information is at the user's own risk.