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Create a Livestream

Create a Livestream

Livepeer supports livestreaming using the RTMP protocol, which is supported by most broadcast software/hardware as well as open source software for mobile applications.

For this guide, we recommend OBS. Once you have it downloaded and installed follow these steps to start livestreaming:

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Stream
  2. Enter the RTMP Server URL provided by your broadcaster node. If you're running a VPS please use its public IPv4 address. You'll also need to add a stream key such as stream
  1. Make sure to set the Keyframe Interval to 2 as seen in the screenshot below. Otherwise the broadcaster node will fail.


To check if your broadcaster node is working correctly, we'll go ahead and test your livestream, using the playback url that was given to you by your broadcaster node.


If the stream plays correctly, it means you've succesfully configured your Livepeer broadcaster node and that your video is being transcoded by the Livepeer protocol.