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In this guide, we will walk you through the process of configuring your origin and adding resources to the Legacy dCDN Network using the Media App 🔎. The Media App is a user-friendly interface developed by the Media Foundation that allows developers to easily set up and manage CDN resources on the Media Network. Please note that you will need to have SOL in your SPL wallet to cover transaction fees, and a minimum of 25 MEDIA (or equivalent LP tokens) in order to utilize the CDN service.


  • Make sure you have a compatible wallet with enough MEDIA to use the dCDN service. MEDIA is currently available to buy in the following markets.

Add a new CDN Resource

Add your resource's IP, specifying port number & and approve the transaction.

Once the transaction is successfully recorded on the blockchain, a unique subdomain will be assigned to you as your endpoint URL, cached by the Media Network.

Add a custom CNAME

Add your new resource as a CNAME for your existing domain. 300 IN CNAME

The CNAME entry points any references to in your site code to Media Network's CDN. For most content management system CDN plugins, simply putting the in the plugin configuration will allow site assets to be downloaded from locations across the globe.

Make sure that you have correctly configured the assigned endpoint to point to your custom Web2 domain, as demonstrated in this example below.


Congratulations! Your resource is now being powered and scaled by Media Network's Legacy dCDN. End-users accessing the newly assigned link will now be able to load the resources from the closest Media Edge node, instead of your original server, resulting in faster and more efficient delivery.