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Uploading Files

Adding files to the Arweave network

You can add any type of content to Arweave. In this case we will put some text content into a .txt file called mytextfile.txt and put the text "ARWEAVE TEST - VERSION 1" in it. Make sure you first install arweave-deploy and load your Arweave wallet with AR tokens to be able to add files to the Arweave Network. You can buy AR in the following markets. In this specific case, the price to deploy a txt file was 0.000001824540 AR

echo "ARWEAVE TEST - VERSION 1" > mytextfile.txt

You can read the file's contents using the cat command:

cat mytextfile.txt

Upload mytextfile.txt to Arweave:

arweave deploy mytextfile.txt
Enter your encryption passphrase to decrypt mcCDEo4G6F5QkHPtouxm64__djLfKr6las39rpKSAOc 


Path: mytextfile.txt
Size: 25.00 Bytes


ID: 6KZ2ok0JV21mtzUdo5WT_ErcuoLk9-MZcPWLX5LPmK8
Price: 0.000001824540 AR


- Content-Type:text/plain
- User-Agent:ArweaveDeploy/1.9.1


Address: mcCDEo4G6F5QkHPtouxm64__djLfKr6las39rpKSAOc
Current balance: 2.480000000000 AR
Balance after uploading: 2.479998175460 AR

Carefully check the above details are correct, then Type CONFIRM to complete this upload CONFIRM
Your file is deploying! 🚀
Once your file is mined into a block it'll be available on the following URL

You can check its status using 'arweave status 6KZ2ok0JV21mtzUdo5WT_ErcuoLk9-MZcPWLX5LPmK8'